Beach, Sea & Pool

We offer a magnificent experience with the sea water pool between the pine trees and its own private sandy beach, where the green and blue meet.

Tusan Beach

With its nice sandy beach and clean water, we take every action for hgyiene and safety. Enjoy the sun, sea, beautiful music, delicous food and drinks during day time in Tusan Beach and experience one of the best sunsets in Turkey.

Swimming Pool

Our pool is located under the pine trees, on a small hill in front of the hotel. The pool water is filled from sea, which makes it more refreshing and hygienic. The pool is daily inspected and every hygiene and safety precautions are taken regulary. Moreover the pool water is also inspected montly by Canakkale Governership, Directorate of Health and Safety deparment.The depth of the pool is 130 cm and 50 cm for children section.